25 key hotel performance improvements – Checklist

Checklist of 25 key suggestions for improvement that provides you a quick snapshot of all what that you need to ensure and what benefits these checkpoints can reap.

1. Improved security/surveillance

  • Checkpoints: Trained security staff, modern digital equipment, and emergency procedures.
  • Outcome: Improve guest loyalty, efficient security

2. Faster room service

  • Checkpoints: Round-the-clock monitoring, log-book maintenance, helpful staff, record orders properly, reward employees
  • Outcome: Impress guests, improve staff efficiency

3. City touring/commuting Desk

  • Checkpoints: Stock local guides, maps, tickets to local shows, weekend getaway packages, vehicle arrangement
  • Outcome: Widen scope of brand, improve business

4. Travel and ticketing Desk

  • Checkpoints: Tie-up with local travel agents, online reservations, offer branded bags, folders to guests
  • Outcome: Improve business, earn guest loyalty

5. Housekeeping more efficient/personalized

  • Checkpoints: Round-the-clock functioning, efficient staff, complimentary services, in-house rewards program, reduce power bills, go green
  • Outcome: Higher occupancy, greater guest loyalty

6. Internet accessibility

  • Checkpoints: Wi-fi access – complimentary or charged, lend laptops, spare plugs, wires, etc, maintain hotel website
  • Outcome: Greater access by guests worldwide, improved guest loyalty.

7. Availability of newspapers, magazines

  • Checkpoints: Complimentary tie-up with renowned publications, hotel event coverage, reading section
  • Outcome: Improved service, branding option

8. In-house entertainment beyond the television

  • Checkpoints: Showcase local culture, celebrity branding, game shows, musical evenings/shows
  • Outcome: Score over competition, better brand-building and industry popularity

9. Improved efficiency at Reception

  • Checkpoints: Pleasing and efficient staff, faster check-in/check-out, shortest time possible, meticulous maintenance of records, punctual wake-up calls
  • Outcome: Sure to impress guests, improve brand loyalty

10. Bookings, refunds, stay packages to be handled more efficiently

  • Checkpoints: Trained staff, offer complimentary packages, facilities, quick processing of refunds.
  • Outcome: Increase scope of brand, impress guests, and improve profits with tie-ups

11. Loyalty card/programs with discounts for returning guests

  • Checkpoints: Evolve loyalty program, innovations based on market survey, use modern Internet social media
  • Outcome: Stay ahead of the competition, improve brand popularity among guests, publicity by word of mouth

12. Local and in-house shopping facilities and tours

  • Checkpoints: Tie-up with local stores/international brands, boutique/hotel shop
  • Outcome: Impress guests, improve business, occupancy

13. Postal mail service

  • Checkpoints: Branded stationery, tie-up with courier service, stock packaging material
  • Outcome: Value-added service for guests

14. Special help with emergency services

  • Checkpoints: Emergency telephone numbers, routine emergency procedures, alert staff
  • Outcome: Greater guest loyalty

15. Improved pick-up and drop services for railway station/airport

  • Checkpoints: Check pricing, complimentary service provision, well-maintained vehicles
  • Outcome: Better customer service

16. Cuisine/Kitchen improvements

  • Checkpoints: Regular reviews, kitchen charter, special menus, regular training sessions, ergonomic kitchen design, competitive pricing
  • Outcome: Impressive guest service, addition to brand value

17. Currency exchange facilities

  • Checkpoints: Fresh currency to be disbursed, trusted employees at desk, meticulous paperwork
  • Outcome: Better international guest loyalty and occupancy

18. Guest surveys

  • Checkpoints: Simple guest survey card filled on check-out, database of survey results, discuss with section heads
  • Outcome: Tool for permanent scope of improvement in service and business

19. Separate desk for international guests

  • Checkpoints: Better communication, brief foreign guests, take care of special requests, handle cultural and language barriers
  • Outcome: Improve international guest loyalty and businesses

20. Improved decor/interior design

  • Checkpoints: Well-balanced and impressive décor, interior decoration, architecture, proper maintenance, cleanliness and hygiene, proper lighting, background music/ambiance, keeping needs of physically disabled in mind
  • Outcome: Delight guests, improve brand image, score over competition

21. Referrals from guests

  • Checkpoints: Explore both domestic and international referrals, rewards programs, referral chain via the Internet
  • Outcome: Score over competition, reach wide market, save advertising expenses

22. Employee concerns

  • Checkpoints:  It is one big family – insurance, health needs, further education and training, salary issues, incentives, etc.
  • Outcome: Employees feel happy; remain motivated, greater scope of providing best service to guests

23. Facilities for short-term cellphone sim cards etc.

  • Checkpoints: Short-term sim cards, cellphone sets for guests, receiving messages for guests
  • Outcome: help guests save on international roaming charges, develop guest loyalty, and widen scope of hotel brand

24. Separate medical section

  • Checkpoints: Doctor-on-call, tie-up with local hospitals/specialists, emergency phone numbers
  • Outcome: Value-addition to hotel service, improve guest loyalty

25. Spa services, fitness services, gym, masseurs etc

  • Checkpoints: Gym, spa, fitness center, trainers, doctor-on-call, exotic services like tarot reading, acupressure massages, etc.
  • Outcome: Great value to hotel brand
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